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Jerusalem man burns daughter to death after talking to men in honor killing

A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after killing his daughter because she had relationships with men, according to police reports in Israel.

Jerusalem prosecutors said that an indictment was filed today against a 53-year-old man of Silwan, after burning to death his 17-year-old daughter on the roof of his house because she had romantic relationships with men. According to the indictment filed in Jerusalem District Court, the defendant convinced the girl, who was staying in a hostel in Acre, to come home for Ramadan, despite the fact that she was afraid of him.

The murder took place at the end of last month. The defendant learned that his daughter, who was not in touch with him, maintains relationships with men she met through Facebook. He called her and told her that he would help pay her debt. He asked her to come home for the holiday.

Murder scene: yourjewishnews.com photo
The girl came home, however, during the visit, she sent text messages to the hostel saying that she is afraid of her father. Two days later, the father told the girl that he will not allow her to go back to the hostel.

That evening, the father prepared a small charcoal barbecue on the roof for the Iftar meal. He sat down with his daughter near the barbecue. They were having a conversation about returning to the hostel.

Suddenly, the father poured a bottle of paint thinner on his daughter and he held the body of his daughter near the fire of the barbecue. The girl ignited, fell over the roof and died. People who gathered at the scene, called police and Magen David Adom. The defendant told his young son that "if police asks you what happened, tell them I told her not play with thinner."

The suspect later claimed that his daughter violated his family’s honor so he decided to kill her. 

The defendant has 23 prior convictions, including for violence and sex crimes against his daughter and son. The man’s defense attorney claims that the suspect is a drug addict, and at the time of the murder he was under the influence of cannabis.


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