Ban on non Christian faith not necessary

Community Development Minister, Toni has challenged churches seeking to ban other religions to consider the basic needs of people.
Citing examples of Muslim expansion in the highlands and in other parts of the country, Toni said churches have to go out and understand what communities need.

She said while churches have set up health and education services   there is still little understanding about the communities and the people they serve.
PNG Community Development Miniter. Ms Toni. Photo: EMTV

“We have for so long – Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Bless your Heart – but have not looked at how desperate these people are in seeking good life.

“We have a very big challenge on our hand and so where do we stand?

“Before we disagree with the deal, we really need to look at the roots that have been established. Prior to the Asylum seeking thing and more of them wanting to come in, we have to look at what’s already here and growing.”



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