Foreigners not investing in Papua New Guinea

A LOCAL businessman, Solomon Peter has expressed frustration over an influx of Asians, claiming they were not investing locally.

He said they were also not providing adequate employment opportunities for locals.

"They are employing a minority of Papua New Guineans and their businesses are flooding the PNG market. Local businessmen and women in PNG are becoming spectators with no space for their businesses.

When you look around, some of these foreigners enter the country illegally," Mr Peter claimed.

He said the population of foreigners was increasing at a rapid rate which he claimed spelt poverty for PNG.

"I’m afraid that when we calculate the number of people entering our country illegally, it will be higher than the number of people entering the country legally.

"We are at a dangerous point," he said.

He said the Department of Immigration must find out how many foreigners are entering the country legally and how many are entering illegally.

"One day Papua New Guinea is going to be ruled by foreigners if we continue to turn a blind eye and ignore this," he said.

He said Papua New Guinea’s laws and security are not strong and that is why people are entering illegally.

Morobe Province commerce advisor Tali Yanga agreed with the concern raised, saying the situation needs government institutions and agencies to work together to address.

"Investor influx is good but they must be genuine and contribute to our economic development, and not moochers who will only generate and deposit back in their country." Post Courier

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