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Watchdog warns Solomon Islands police commissioner selection crucial

An anti-corruption group in Solomon Islands has called on authorities to exercise extreme diligence and caution in choosing the country’s new police commissioner. Five people shortlisted for the top job have been interviewed in recent days They are former commissioner Frank Short; acting commissioner Juanita Matanga; permanent secretary of the Ministry of Police and National Security Edmund Sikua; deputy commissioner Walter Kola; and assistant commissioner Peter Aoranisaka. Islands Business reports the Anti-Corruption Network of Solomon Islands saying the choice of commissioner is crucial given concerns about integrity and cases of misconduct are among the most important issues facing the force. The Network’s Barnabas Henson says its members are in favor of the expatriate Frank Short as the top contender for the post. Mr Short had served as Solomon Islands police commissioner from 1997 to 1999. Mr Henson says while people support the idea of indigenous leadership of the force, many are concerned about the potential susceptibility to interference from local politics and external forces.


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