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Port Moresby's Young prostitutes not protected from STIs

The founder of an organisation working with vulnerable young women and children in Papua New Guinea’s capital says Port Moresby’s growing numbers of young sex workers are not using protection.

Father John Glynn says there is no doubt that the number of minors working as prostitutes in nightclubs is going up, as his organisation WeCare deals with them every day.

He says those sex workers - some as young as 13 - are not protecting themselves from deadly sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and his organisation is looking to support people in the community to act for them.

“To provide what these children - abandoned and orphaned children, children living on the streets, young women, forced into these situations - we need people who will act for these kids and we will then provide them with support, with training and everything else.”Father Glynn says police are well aware of the issue and although some officers are trying hard to tackle it, understaffing and internal corruption stop them from doing much.


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