American Samoa urges Asians to comply with health law

The American Samoa Department of Health says Asian-operated restaurants and fast food outlets must make more of an effort to comply with health laws.
The department’s supervisor of environmental and sanitation division, Papalii Marion Fitisemanu, made the plea on television, saying health inspectors have concerns about the state of some Asian-run food outlets.
He says some of these Asian operators tend to have their own way of doing things and ignore federal health regulations.
“The main issue here is them not [being] willing to comply with what is required of them in order for them to establish a business. We are asking them to comply with the rules and regulations on how you prepare your kitchen, how you set up your food in the back rooms without us seeing from the front, and they are also to include their bathrooms and their lavatories and all the facilities for the eaters and also for the workers.”


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