Bishops in PNG wage war on sorcery

Port Moresby (Post Courier). THE Catholic Bishops from the Highlands region in PNG have raised concerns about the growing problem of sorcery.
The bishops have written letters to all parishes in PNG’s Highlands region expressing grave concern while encouraging parishioners to defeat evil and follow Christ’s example.
The letter states, “Sorcery is a growing concern, especially when some people accuse others of using sorcery or ‘sanguma’ to kill or harm other people.”
“This stems from a modern corruption of some traditional beliefs.
“When people following such beliefs get involved in torturing innocent people and even killing them, we have not only a crime against humanity, but a serious betrayal of the Gospel, our faith in the supreme Lordship of Christ, and of the liberating work of the church.
“There is often an issue of justice here also, since it is well known
that many allegations are based on old grudges and target the
weak and vulnerable,” the statement read.
Furthermore the Bishops have stated that when people follow sorcery beliefs, torture and kill innocent people, there is a serious betrayal of the Bible.
“People of faith who want to defeat evil should follow the example of Christ.”
The letter advised faithful parishioners to teach children not to believe in sorcery or ‘sanguma’.
The bishops also challenged Christians to join in taking a clear, unambiguous, and strong stand against all talk about sorcery and all attempts to lay the blame on anyone, especially at the time of a funeral. Quoting the Bible (Rom 12:21) they say that we must conquer evil with good.
In the coming months the bishops plan to launch a program of renewal of faith in the supreme Lordship of Christ. They are convinced that when people have genuine faith in Jesus Christ, there will be no room for sorcery.

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