Inter Island Airways takes over American Samoa government plane

The American Samoa-based carrier Inter Island Airways has taken possession of a government-owned nine-seater aircraft to provide daily flights between the main island of Tutuila and Ofu island in the Manu’a island group.
Ofu island has been without commercial air service for more than three years after Inter Island Air pulled out.
The airline’s executive president, Barney Sene, has signed a memorandum of understanding on the side of Manu’a Cession Day.
“We are pleased to sign this with the government, promote the travel, the consistent sustaining travel Manu’a deserves and I believe with what the administration is doing today, that will also help work with us the business to sustain this travel and for the economy here in Manu’a”
The agreement requires Inter Island to provide daily flights between Tutuila and Ofu with a round trip fare of 140 US dollars.


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