Pangia Secondary School

Pangia  Secondary  School formerly Pangia  Provincial High School is one of the secondary schools in the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.
The school is located in the town of  Pangia.

The school principal can be contacted on the following address.

PO Box  Mendi

Papua New Guinea


Ialibu Pangia District borders both Simbu and Western Highlands Province. It covers the Kaugel, Poru and Tua Valleys and the Poru Plateau. Mount Ialibu lies in the centre of the district.
The district member is Mr. Peter O’Neil, a member of the People’s National Congress Party and the Minister for Public Services. This is his second term.

The Iaro, Andawe and Kaugel Valleys are all potentially good agricultural areas for a range of crops, despite colder temperatures, while the plateau has poorer potential because of steep slopes and weather conditions. Moderate incomes can be earned from coffee, fresh food and cattle, however, incomes are low in most of the district.

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