PNG LNG from four wells

Port Moresby (The National) INITIAL supply for the PNG LNG Project, which will have its first exports next year, will come from four major well pads (drills) in the Hides area of Hela.
Esso Highland Ltd (EHL) pipe and infrastructure manager Vincent Giorgi said these were Well Pad B, which has two wells, Well Pad C, Well Pad D, and Well Pad G, which are all in the vicinity of the Hides gas conditioning plant.
Giorgi, who is supervising an international team working around the clock to set up pipes along a 21km access road from the wells to Hides, said on site on Sunday it was a huge task but he was confident of getting everything ready in time for first LNG exports next year.
The access road is a hive of activity as EHL workers and contractors set up the pipes, well pads, and work on road access in the rugged and mountainous terrain.
Giorgi said the company was doing its best to cause as little environmental damage as possible.
“The feeder lines are 22-inch that comes from the well pads to the Hides gas conditioning plant,” Giorgi said.
“This line will import gas, condensate, water, impurities, everything.
“It gets process and gets separated, and you get condensate in an eight-inch and gas in a 32-inch that will flow on to Port Moresby for export.
Huge planes load LNG equipment. Photo Malu Nalu/The National
“We’re using the well pad access road to also be our ride away pipeline alignment.
“We’ve been able to reduce any additional environmental footprints by using current project footprints.
“So we’re putting it (pipeline) on the road, actually, on the side of the road.
“It will connect into the process area (Hides).”
Giorgi said other environmental measures included turning quarries into drilling areas, a vehicle wash to prevent outside pests and diseases, and declaration of environmentally-pristine areas.
He said the 22-inch feeder lines in roadside trenches would be multi-purpose.
“Also in this trench is a high-voltage cable,” he said.
“The process will require power at the well pads, so that will carry high-voltage power into the facility.
“We will have a fibre optic cable as well.
“The fibre optic cable follows the pipeline all the way to Port Moresby.”.

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