Solomon Island propose to rearming patrol boat

Prime Minister Gordon Darcy is proposing to re-arm the patrol boat for surveillance purposes on our exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

He made the proposal after witnessing an operation by marine police officers on a Korean fishing vessel Oryong No 723 between Luaniua and Sikiana high seas on Saturday.

The Prime Minister and minister of fisheries and marine resources Alfred Ghiro were onboard the patrol boat to Sikiana when they witnessed for themselves how the marines officers handled the operation without knowing any possible risk.

Luckily the vessel was not armed and the marine officers managed to carry out an inspection to check whether or not the fishing vessel have licence.

The vessel was released after they showed their licence.

In other places marine officers have experience dangers in their life when boarding fishing vessel with arms, it was revealed.

With that in mind the Prime Minister suggested that the patrol needed to be re-armed to help the marine officers carryout their duty without fear.

On Friday both the Prime Minister and minister of fisheries also saw a fishing boat registered BG3695 between Isabel and Luaniaua.

No inspection was carried but the fishing vessel was communicated via radio by the marine officers. 

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