Solomon Islands establish diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka

The establishment of diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Solomon Islands is seen as a new beginning that would significantly contribute to the consolidation of bilateral relations, particularly the promotion of economic and cultural relations, and people to people contact between the countries.

These sentiments were expressed by the two representatives, Dr Palitha Kohona and Collin D. Beck, recently.

Dr Palitha Kohona, the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the United Nations, signed the Joint Communiqué on behalf of Sri Lanka, while Collin D. Beck, Permanent Representative of Solomon Islands to the United Nations, signed on behalf of Solomon Islands.

Dr Kohona spoke of the similarities in the experiences of Solomon Islands and Sri Lanka as members of the Commonwealth. He also drew parallels to the similarities of the island cultures.

"Today, the two countries share similar goals as developing countries, both internationally and domestically. Sri Lanka having reached middle income status, and having achieved most of the MDGs, would be happy to share its experiences with Solomon Islands," said Dr Kohona.

Mr. Beck expressed Solomon Island’s interest in learning more about Sri Lanka and capitalizing on this new beginning. He also noted that the establishment of diplomatic ties would give Solomon Islands the opportunity to learn from Sri Lanka and to further cooperate in the political, socio-economic and cultural fields

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