Solomon Islands National University

Solomon Islands National University  is a university in Honiara, Solomon Islands. The university was established in early 2013. 
Specializing in technical and vocational learning/education, it has achieved the onerous task of putting together many training institutions run by concerned ministries of the government of Solomon Islands. A 1984 Act of Parliament called the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education Act enabled this change; the institutions brought under its purview as a College of Higher Education are the Islands Teachers College, Public Administration Training School, Ranadi Marine Training School, Honiara Nursing Training School, and Honiara Technical Institute which have all been reconstituted as the School of Education (SOE), the School of Finance & Administration (SFA), the School of Marine & Fisheries Studies (SMFS), the School Nursing and Health Studies (SNHS), the School of Industrial Development(SID) and the School of Natural Resources (SNR). With revision of the Act in 2008, which also authorized the college authorities to introduce any schools in other disciplines, the School of Tourism and Hospitality the School of Humanities, Science, and Media (SHSM) have also been established.

 The medium of instruction is English, which is the case for all educational institutions in Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands University  runs courses up to degree level. It also caters to the requirement at the lower and middle level human resource needs of the country.

For further information, university can be contacted on: 
P.O Box R113
Solomon Islands
Phone 30217 ext 231 or email rdelemani@sinu.edu.sb

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