Steps to watch NRL free online

You may have realized that all National Rugby League (NRL) streaming on the internet is not free. This means you need to pay and subscribe to watch all NRL games.

However, below are the steps on how you can watch NRL free. You do not require subscription or you do not have to pay. Streaming is free.

Note: The streaming depends on the country and the location you are in.

Follow this step and you should be able to watch NRL for free. ( Adapted from. Rugby League Insight).

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Step 1.  Visit the website: http://http://www.kakibara.com/

Step 2: All the international games  including all NRL games are listed on this website for live streaming.  Select the NRL game you want to watch.

Step 3. If the NRL games are not listed on the Homepage of the above website, select the TV channels on the menu tabs.

Note: You will have advertisement inframes blocking the streaming but it is not a big deal, you can simply ignore them by clicking on exit button.


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