China says NZ’s comments about MA-60 improper

The Chinese embassy in New Zealand says it is improper for the New Zealand government to make negative comments about the new MA-60 aircraft China gifted to Tonga.
New Zealand has suspended eight million US dollars in tourism aid to Tonga amid safety concerns with the MA-60, and has issued a travel advisory against New Zealanders using it.
A Chinese embassy spokesperson, Xing Yuchun, says Chinese and New Zealand civil aviation authorities have an agreement to recognise the safety certification system of each other’s aircrafts - so any comments made about the aircraft should have been communicated with China first.
Ms Xing says the comments have had a negative impact on China’s aviation reputation.
She says the MA-60 was gifted to Tonga as a friendly gesture, and because it needed a new aircraft.
Ms Xing says it is strictly designed, produced and verified by Chinese Civil Aviation standards and International Civil Aviation Authority safety standards.
She says any accidents involving MA-60s have been caused by improper operation.

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