Concerns raised over university programs offered in PNG

PORT MORESBY (Post Couerier) Many course programs taught in PNG's four universities are questionable. Questionable in the sense as to whether they are compatible or designed for current time. 
This was a concern raised by the Minister for Higher Education, Research Science and Technology David Arore. 
During a separate event last week, Mr Arore said quality assessments or audits were currently underway in universities with a focus to improve. 
He pointed out that some of these courses were not compatible to current time and students go in search of these programs ending up in universities abroad.
The Office of Higher Education also released a statement announcing the external quality assessments of the state universities. The assessment gives effect to the Namaliu-Garnaut Report on the PNG university system. 
The assessments will look into all aspects of the universities including course programs.
The quality assessments are undertaken by an independent panel of local and international experts. 
The University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) asked to be the first university to be assessed and ran its own self-assessment to kick off the process.
The UNRE panel visited Vudal campus in East New Britain last week and met with one time prime minister Sir Rabbie Namaliu and heard his views first-hand. 
Chair of the Panel, Professor Paul Gadek from James Cook University, said that the panel was honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to meet Sir Rabbie and to advise him that the report’s findings were being acted upon. 
The quality assessments are coordinated by the Office of Higher Education, which will monitor the implementation of the panel’s recommendations by each university. 
Also on the panel is Director General of OHE Professor David Kavanamur. He said: “The external assessments will help to enhance the quality of the universities. They provide a focused roadmap for each university and there will be assistance to implement changes. We expect these types of assessments, focused on improvement, to become a regular event.’’
The panel’s site visit to UNRE was held between July 25 and 30. The other three State universities will complete their quality assessments this year and early 2014.

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