My Cry for Change in Papua New Guinea is Real

By Lucas Kiap
My cry for seeing change in PNG is far from ideal and is not about falling into the same trap or from repeating the legacies of those before me. I believe in all men born as equal and will die the same way. No human being comes from the upper class or the lower class - it’s only the unfairness of the world. Before I die, I want to see PNG achieve the following:

• Cut our own timbers to build enough houses for our seven million people

• Build our road infrastructure systems including bridges in the country according to national standardized designs to cater for the future development needs than temporarily needs.

• Demolished and replace all eyesore old buildings in all our towns and cities according to a national standardized cities and towns re-development plan for 100 years.

• Plan and build our cities like those in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

• Build at least two world class sports stadium after two years.

• Build a railroad system in the country connecting all the provinces in the mainland to promote local trade and create more economic activity in the country.

• Build at least two or three world class hospitals to treat all diseases and sick patients here in this country.

• Build at least two or three world class universities in the fields of engineering and science to produce the human capital required to build the modern Papua New Guinea.

• Stop all tribal fights in the country in just less than one year.

• All leaders should be held accountable for all their actions and should receive the maximum penalty for stealing or misusing K1 of public funds.

• Put all unemployed Papua New Guineans on the payroll.

• Create employment opportunities for half of the population in the next 30 years.

• Change the moral decays and attitude of the people within 20 years for people to love each other and live side by side peacefully.

Above all let’s make the future generations of what we have achieved for them. Let’s show to the rest of the world that PNG is capable of achieving anything. Let’s show to the world that PNG is not home to an inferior race that will always be subjected to foreign influence and manipulation or can be bribed to find your way in. This is my dream and I know this can be our dream – the PNG dream.

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