PNG MP claims wallet, phone confiscated by Australian immigration

Port Moresby, PNG  (The National): A PARLIAMENTARIAN claims he was searched and had his wallet and mobile phone confiscated by Australian immigration officials in Sydney last week.
The MP who asked not to be identified said Australian Immigration authorities later connected the mobile phone to a computer. 
He suspected it was done to monitor his calls. 
“They removed my wallet and my mobile phone and connected it to their computer. 
“They downloaded what they wanted and inserted a microchip into it and gave it back to me,” he said.
“I’m not a terrorist and I have no connection with terrorists like those in Afghanistan and Iraq.
“This was done after the custom securities identified me as a member of parliament of PNG. 
“However I accepted the treatment because in the past, they did it to our founding father Sir Michael (Somare) when they removed his shoes when he was a prime minister. 
“If they removed my wallet and phone, it is not a surprise. 
“If they can do it to a Prime Minister of this nation then who am I? 
“I’m a nobody, just a member of parliament, a leader of PNG.”
He said he would push for the same treatment to be meted out to those with Australian visas. 
“They applied their laws therefore we respect their laws. 
“So Australian should also respect our laws,” the member said.
No comments could be obtained from the Australia High Commission in Port Moresby yesterday.

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