Up to 500 Solomons teachers still owed relevelling dues

The Solomon Islands National Teachers Association says the government still owes up to 500 teachers their promised relevelling dues.
Last month, members of SINTA agreed to call off a teachers strike after the High Court ordered the government to meet all outstanding wage commitments by August the 8th and to rectify any problems by last Thursday.
The Industrial Relations Officer for SINTA, Samson Faisi, says his office has gathered information revealing the formula the government used to determine the relevelling payments was not applied properly.
He says at least 200 teachers in Honiara alone have not been paid the right amount.
“We expect more teachers during the course of this week. They will submit their claims and I believe it will pass 500. So a lot of these teachers haven’t been addressed their issue, especially those from Malaita and the other big education authorities.”
Samson Faisi says the High Court is expected to review the case this Thursday and SINTA’s lawyer will submit a list of teachers who have outstanding relevelling dues.


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