Vanuatu Foreign Minister says no to asylum seekers

Vanuatu’s foreign minister has strongly rejected the idea of taking Australia’s asylum seekers, despite the Prime Minister being open to the possibility.
Edward Natapei says under no circumstances would the asylum seekers arrive.
Papua New Guinea and Nauru have signed deals with Canberra, supporting its new policy of sending people arriving by boat abroad.
Mr Natapei says Vanuatu needs to focus on getting domestic issues solved before it can help out others in that way.
Earlier, the Prime Minister, Moana Carcasses, said Vanuatu was a Christian country and should help out those in need.
Mr Natapei says as yet, Vanuatu hasn’t been asked to take on any asylum seekers but in his opinion there’s only one answer.
“No, there hasn’t been any question recently. there was question before when I was the prime minister of the country and my answer was ’no’. Vanuatu is not prepared to host asylum seekers full-stop. That is the answer we will give them again this time.”


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