Woman tricked into buying to real apples for $1,200 instead of Apple iPhones

By: Ryan Lee Hall

A woman was scammed out of $1,200 after she was sold two real apples instead of two Apple iPhones, according to police reports in Australia.

There are apples, the fruit, and there are iPhones made by Apple, the company. Usually, it is very easy to tell the difference.

Unfortunately, one Australian woman got caught in a scam and ended up paying $1,200 for two pieces of fruit.
The crime occurred on a website called Gumtree. The 21-year-old scam victim placed an advertisement asking if anyone had an iPhone for sale.

She got a response from another woman, who said she could sell her two. The two met at a McDonald’s, where the buyer gave the seller $1,200 and received two "iPhone boxes that looked new." The buyer did not check to see what was inside.

Finally, she looked inside once she got home. She was shocked to find fruits instead of phones inside.
Police in the city of Upper Mount Gravatt in Queensland, near Brisbane, said people should be "cautious" when buying online.

"You do not need to stay away completely, because most people are doing the right thing, but be smart about what you buy," police officer Jess Hopkins said.

Web commentators were less kind. Andrew Perrott: "The stupidity of some people is amazing."
Marcin Karpinski added: "Today, phones are smarter and more intelligent than their owners."
A third offered: "I have a box of Xbox for sale.

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