PNG Government urged to build schools and raise teachers’ pay,

THE government has been urged to build more school infrastructures and increase salaries for teachers in the free education policy package.
Avi Primary School headmaster John Kama said free education had caused congestion in many schools because of the lack of space in classrooms.
He said the number of students kept on increasing and they had no choice but to put extra students in a classroom.
Kama said school infrastructure was important to accommodate the increasing numbers every year.
“We need to have more classrooms built to cater for the students. I believe starting next year and beyond more will be enrolled,” he said.
He said one solution could be to change elementary schools to community and primary schools.
Kama said then the community and primary schools could be changed to high and secondary schools which should create space.
Kama said teachers’ salaries should also be looked into.
He said teachers were the backbone for national development.
“They are the ones educating and breeding pilots, engineers and lawyers. 
“The list goes on.That is why the government needs to look at how they are serving and compensating them properly,” he said.
Kama said teachers were educating the nation and that should be considered as very important.

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