PNG leaders want cult practices banished

COMMUNITY leaders in Madang Papua New Guinea  are calling on members of cult groups in the province to repent and turn to God for forgiveness.
The call followed the hacking to death of cult leader  Steven Tari, nicknamed  “Black Jesus” last Thursday by an angry mob who said they were fed up with his cult activities, especially the killing of youngsters as “sacrifices”.
Councillor Timothy Dal of ward 16 in south Ambenob said at Asuar village during the exhuming of the body of slain schoolgirl Rose Wagum on Saturday that all the properties of cult groups should be destroyed.
Grieving relatives from Wain in Morobe, where Wagum’s mother Julie Dama hails from, and from her father’s side, the Awar head clan, gathered as early as 6am on Saturday for the event.
It was learned that two of Wagum’s two cousins were tricked into following their aunt into Gal village in Transgogol area to be offered as sacrifices.
Dal said he would make it his business to have the district finance an operation involving police to burn all secret meeting places of cult groups.
He said the satanic acts must be eradicated because many lives had been lost and those practicing it must be banished.
District administrator Lawrence Pitor vowed to support the wards affected in Transgogol and South Ambenob areas.
Police warned those practicing in secret and those with information to come forward before more lives, especially those of children, were lost.
Wagum was buried by her father about two weeks ago after she was found dead on a roadside. 
She had multiple stab wounds and slashes to the body. A doctor said she died from loss of blood.
Her father Panu and aunt Meregin Wagum were locked up at the Jomba cells after being charged with being accessory to murder.
Police said Merigin had been the first flower girl for the cult and scouted for young virgins and girls for Tari.
She lured the three girls to Gal village during the school holidays.

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