PNG Opposition Leader Appeals to New Australian PM to rescind asylum agreement

PNG Opposition Leader: Belden Namah
PNG’s opposition leader Belden Namah who had been absent from the country for the last 15 weeks has congratulated the newly elected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot

While congratulating Prime Minister Abbot he called on him to rescind the agreement made by the then Australia PM Kevin Rudd and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to have asylum seekers settle in PNG

He says the PNG opposition continues to believe the agreement is in breach of sections 42 of PNG’s constitution and the United Nations convention on human rights and he says they also believe it is in breach of Australia’s domestic laws

Meanwhile, Mr Namah has appealed to members of parliament not to support the proposed changes to sections 145 and sections 124 of the constitution

Parliament will vote for a second time on the proposed changes when it sits tomorrow

The proposed changes to sections 145 would alter the way a vote of no confidence is carried out in parliament

Mr Namah told a press conference today that he has been away from the country for 15 weeks on a fact finding mission and that now he is ready to lead the nation

He says the changes will only take away powers by the parliament to change a government when it wants to

He also says the changes are paving the way for dictatorship

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