Port Moresby faces total betelnut ban

Betel nut. Getty Images
Port Moresby (The National): NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has vowed to totally ban betelnut within the boundaries of Port Moresby starting next month.
Parkop told the Four Square Church at Kaugere last Sunday that this proposal would be tabled at next National Capital District Commission board meeting.
He said vendors and betelnut chewers were careless and had a don’t care attitude when it came to keeping the city clean.
He said they could not control their bad habits which contributed to the filth in the capital city.
“This is very serious because sellers and chewers are not responsible and spitting all over public places,” he said.
“Tuberculosis is spread through the air by the ugly red spitting. It is ev
ident with about 5,000 people are falling victim to this disease.”
He said TB was quickly spreading in the capital city because of  the reckless spitting by those who chew betelnut.
He said drastic measures should be taken now before it was too late.
“I don’t care if (it puts) my political career at risk,” he said.
“I have planned to relocate the buai markets to Laloki for the Hiritano Highway, and Gaire for the Magi Highway, after speaking to Central Governor Kila Haoda.
“This means that vendors and chewers will have to travel to these locations to buy and chew betelnut outside the city.”
Parkop said he wanted to keep Port Moresby clean and healthy for its residents.
Earlier this year when it was proposed to ban betelnut sales in the city, vendors protested against the NCDC board’s decision.
Parkop warned the vendors to be responsible and ensure that there was no littering. But this had been ignored and he now planned to ban it completely.
“For their carelessness they will pay for their bad habits,” he said.

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