Solomon Islands Deputy Prime Minister Condemns Moves to Topple Government

Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga has strongly condemned rumors of planned illegal activities by certain Civil Society groups attempting to overthrow the NCRA Government.
Mr. Maelanga appealed to individuals or groups planning to carry out such activities to seriously reconsider their plans.

He said any negative outcomes that stem from any illegal activities will not benefit anyone in the country.

“What good is this going to bring you, your family and the country as a whole,” he questioned, while referring to attempts by Civil Society Groups to topple the Government.

Mr Maelanga said there are legal institutions in place to voice people’s concerns- one of which is through their Members of Parliament (MP).

“I believe there are better ways to voice your frustrations with the Government or any leader, through the legal institutions in the country rather than taking the law into your own hands which will only bring nothing to yourself and to this country,” he said.

Mr Maelanga said the Government has been informed of the names of individual’s that are allegedly masterminding these illegal activities.

He said Police would be looking into the matter as statements that have surfaced over the local and social media have been regarded as a threat to national security.

The deputy Prime Minister appealed to civil society groups to stop misleading the public to drive their political agenda.

“Please stop using the media to mislead the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Maelanga said the NCRA Government was intact and all the fuss in the media has not shaken their solidarity or their support for the Prime Minister.

“We are strong and we will continue to implement our policies and continue to work until 2014,” Mr Maelanga said.

Solomon Times 

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