Somare warns 'Young MPs"

GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare warned parliamentarians yesterday not to rush the Ok Tedi Mine Continuation Amendment Bill before he walked out of the chamber when a vote was about to be taken. 
Sir Michael when debating on the bill had warned MPs not to rush into making amendments and laws that would give the wrong signal to the international community.
“I see the mood and emotions of parliament,” the former prime minister said.
“I support the idea but we must understand (that) today the action of this parliament will give a wrong signal to the international community that we are moving towards the nationalisation of all resource ownership.
“If there is a problem, the prime minister should call for dialogue. You can’t do it (through) legislations.”
He said Ok Tedi had made a lot of money for the country.
Sir Michael, who was interjected through a point of order, said what he said was for the good of the nation.
He said the action would affect the economy and the trust the country had in the international community as a destination of investment.
“I do not oppose, yes people discuss what the people understand,” he said. 
“Paias Wingti, Julius Chan and I are around. No one listened to us but I warn you young MPs that things do not change overnight. You must be careful.
“We are respectful people. We hear one side of the story here but we have not heard the other side of the story. 
“For the benefit of PNG ... think before doing it.”

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