Warning on Jealousy

JEALOUSY is like cancer and can destroy good plans, prevent developments and destroy steady relationships, PNG's Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp says.
Tongamp said if there was jealousy, then disunity and rebellion would creep in and destroy good plans.
He said most of his good plans and service delivery were partly snagged because politicians and leaders in the province were jealous.
“Jiwaka is a very new province and it needs cooperation from everyone to bring in development and good things,” Tongamp said.
He said everyone should come together and put the interest of the people first.
Tongamp said people had to look into the future and forget the past as it would not bring in any good.
“I’m trying my very best to help the province prosper and become independent to manage its own affairs.
“That is where I’m calling for your support. I need each and every one of you to help in whatever way for the betterment of Jiwaka.”
Tongamp said everyone in Jiwaka should work together.

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