Woman's attacker not arrested

Nuku'alofa, Tonga (Matangi Tonga Online)

A man is being investigated by police in relation to the attack of a woman by a hooded man early Sunday morning September 1 in Nuku'alofa near the Teufaiva Stadium. No arrest has been made at this stage.

The Deputy Police Commissioner Soakai Motu’apuaka said they had identified one person of interest but their investigation continued.

“We received reports from the victim on the description of his clothing and that he wore a hood. She and the security guards at the JM Supermarket did not get a good look at his face so inquiries are still being made made before any arrest,” he said.

Police had earlier reported that the woman was walking from Longolongo to church at the Seventh Day Adventist Hillard School in Pahu just before 6:00am.

She had walked past the Police Headquarters and made her way down Pauliasi Road beside Teufaiva Stadium and just before she got to the JM Supermarket a hooded man attacked her. She was punched on the back of her head and fell to the ground. Her screams for help were heard by security guards from the supermarket who chased the perpetrator but he got away.

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