A 5 year old girl pack-raped in Papua New Guinea

The victim's parents speaking to the media. EMTV Photo
A 5 year old girl has miraculously survived a horrible ordeal in Port Moresby, after she was pack-raped by a group of men at Gerehu Stage 6.
The incident occurred on Wednesday when the girl was kidnapped from her auntie’s home at Stage 5 and taken to another residence a few hundred meters away.

It is alleged she was kidnapped by a PMV operator, allegedly from the Western Highlands.

She was taken to this residence at Stage 6, which houses PMV drivers and crews, and where she is believed to have been pack raped by the tenants overnight.

Miraculously, the young girl escaped her captors when they were asleep, crawling out of the locked gate.

Though not familiar with the area, she remembered the route her captors had taken to their residence.

The young girl’s uncle, who is a police officer, took her to the police station where they reported the incident and apprehended four men and a female. Another male suspect is on the run.

The father said he was deeply hurt when he found out about what had happened to his daughter.

Early this year, the Government approved the death penalty as the maximum sentence for rape cases.

The relatives have demanded for that to be enforced onto the suspects in jail, once found guilty.

Meanwhile, the young girl is recovering from her injuries at the Port Moresby General Hospital.


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