Bougainville leaders not united

CENTRAL Bougainville MP and Communication Minister Jimmy Miringtoro revealed that the referendum for Bougainville is still in question because things are not in order.
Mr Mirintoro said there was no one particular person to blame except the Autonomous Bougainville Government leaders and Bougainville’s National MPs for not working together.
Mr Miringtoro has appealed to the leaders of the ABG and the National MPs to come together, be united for the sake of the 200,000 plus population of Bougainville and for the sake of moving Bougainville forward towards referendum.
He said it was disheartening to see leaders argue among themselves in the media, especially over the issue of money and specifically the National Government allocated K100 million out of the K500 million.
“Bougainville’s future will only grow when and if leaders of Bougainville work together both in the regional and on the national level,” Mr Miringtoro said.
“The government itself cannot deliver so how can we run the big government when our leaders cannot deliver.”
“It is high time ABG leaders begin to work with us.”
Mr Miringtoro denied that ABG had tangible high impact projects to show for all the monies received and especially the K100 million that was released early last year. 
He singled out the people suffering at the hands of leaders and said this must come to a stop if ABG was serious about the referendum and gaining independence.
“(Mr) Momis as a leader shouldn’t come into newspapers.
“In fact I shouldn’t too, but I have to now because of these reasons,” he said.
“As a national leader I must say there is nothing much happening on the ground in Bougainville,” Mr Miringtoro said.
“We have not seen any major project on infrastructure that was funded by the monies given by the National Government in 2012.”
“I have not seen any projects in Central Bougainville and I believe nothing has happened in the South and North of Bougainville”.

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