Logger accused in the Solomon Islands

Landowners of Sarughobe and Kena on Kolombangara claimed a logging company operating on their land has been cutting down under-sized logs.

A spokesperson Vezinia Danny Kolobangara said Success Company is operating on their land.

“But they are cutting down tiny trees that shouldn’t have been cut down,” she said.

 “We are very concerned about the activities of the company because this type of logging is putting our forests at risk.

“We call on the forestry officials to go and look at what this company is doing on our land,” Danny said.

She added another thing they saw was the company operates day and night.

“This is quite strange because logging operations should be done during the day.

“Are they up to something or what?”

Danny said the smaller logs were taken to a milling operation at Noro owned by Maxland Company, and have them processed there.

“But this was done without consultation with landowners.

“The company should consult the landowners about cutting our smaller trees and selling them to the sawmill.

“They should get our consent because this is our land and we are the resources owners,” Danny said.

When contacted, a spokesman for Success Company said they only sell rejected logs to the sawmilling operation at Noro.

“I don’t know what under-sized logs this woman was talking about because we don’t cut them down at all,” the spokesman said.

“What we are taking to Noro are rejected logs, to avoid them being wasted on the ground,” he said.

A spokesman for Maxland Company says they are not aware of any under-size logs from Kolombangara.

“If the landowners have any issues with the logs that are brought to our sawmill, they should come and see us or write us a letter than going to the media,” the spokesman said.

By Denver Newter / Solomon Star

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