Money scam on rise in Port Moresby

THERE is a growing number of individuals and groups going around enticing and convincing unsuspecting Papua New Guineans to make a monetary deposit with them with promises of thousands of kina as returns.
The individual or groups are targeting low income earners such as labourers, security guards and self employed people by telling them to deposit at least K50 or K100 with the promises that they will reap 500% or more from their investment. 
Already a number of complaints have been filed with police and NCD Metropolitan Commander Andy Bawa is very concerned with this new scheme.
“This new scheme is rapidly gaining momentum in NCD where people are told to join by making a deposit of K50 or K100 and are promised that they will be paid some thousands in a couple of weeks after their cheque from the Queen of England is cleared by the Bank of PNG” said Mr Bawa.
Mr Bawa said many were convinced into joining the group but since then they are always told that the Bank of PNG is yet to clear the money because the amount is too big and the PNG currency is not enough for these monies.
“This is clearly a scam but many people have put in their hard earned cash and those responsible are now in hiding, and I am appealing to the public to report the whereabouts of these ring leaders,” Mr Bawa said.
He also appealed to the public not to be conned by such individuals or groups and report them to police immediately if the promised return is not paid to them on the specified day.

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