Nauru court fines Spanish vessel and crew US$ 1 million

The Nauru District Court has fined a Spanish fishing vessel and its crew about one million US
dollars for illegally fishing within Nauru’s exclusive economic zone.
The court ruled that the Albacora Uno, its master, Jose Arrua Ispizua, and its fishing master, Sergio Iturraspe Iraculi, were charged with six counts of illegal fishing.
Last month both men pleaded guilty in court to allowing and engaging the use of the vessel for fishing activity without having a licence and while within Nauru’s EEZ.
The company was fined for failing to ensure the vessel stored or secured all fishing equipment on board the vessel while it was within the EEZ.
The court was told that the crew believed they were in the EEZ of Kiribati not that of Nauru.


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