Vanuatu confirms it will seek international help with unexploded ordnance

The Vanuatu government says it will seek international advice on how to deal with unexploded ordnance in the country.
According to local divers, there are six unexploded bombs as well as other Second World War ordnance on the Port Vila harbour floor.
The New Zealand navy found three of the bombs earlier this year, and suggested ways to remove them.
The director-general of the Vanuatu ministry of foreign affairs, Johnny Koanapo, says there are also reports of unexploded ordnance on and around the island of Espiritu Santo and once he sees the New Zealand Navy report, the country will most likely seek international expert advice.
“Unexploded ordnance are still there and they will have to be removed. So the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of that. I am not sure whether the report has been finalised and sent over the Vanuatu Government but if the report has been sent then we will need to look at it and the recommendations and the Government will certainly have to do something about it.”
The director-general of the Vanuatu ministry of foreign affairs Johnny Koanapo.


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