Australian claims PNG Minister authorized his deportation out of PNG

PNG Sustainable Development Program Ltd communications director Mark Davis says he was kidnapped and deported last Thursday on charges of  being involved in politics and pornographic.
The charges were made by Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato.
Davis said he was “set up” by a “Mark”  from the Department of Commerce and Industry, who wished to talk to him about Media Mark Ltd, a PNG company in which he and his wife were shareholders.
He said he was surrounded by three uniformed and armed policemen and a man in civilian clothes who identified himself as from the fraud squad.
David said he was driven around in a vehicle with tinted windows.
“The plain clothes policemen sat in the front passenger seat and I was in the rear seat between the two armed policemen.
“The plain clothes policeman read me my rights and said I was to be deported that day according to a three-page set of orders he handed to me.
“He took my mobile phone and my car/unit keys.
“We drove around town again for a while and then they took me to my residential unit where I was allowed to retrieve some personal belongings. I took my most valuable items and my laptops, notebook computers, camera, wallet and various other portable items in a backpack.
A spokesman for the Prime Minister Office said yesterday they were informed by Foreign Affairs that the deportation was in line with an ongoing exercise by the department to rid the country of illegal foreign residents.
He said Davis had been under surveillance for some time and was finally deported for illegally living in the country.
He added that although Davis was married to a PNG  woman, he was still answerable to PNG’s laws.

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