Rapid increase in population strains service delivery in PNG

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru says the increase in population is putting strain on the provincial government.
Speaking at the Tutumang after the passing of the 2014 Budget, Naru highlighted some challenges that his government was facing.
They include:

Increase in population puts pressure on basic services such asealth,education,water supply;
access to proper and affordable housing;
maintenance of existing infrastructures especially roads and bridges;
upgrading of the health sector;
law and order issues;
HIV and AIDS, maternal child health care, cancer, drugs abuse, child abuse;
business empowerment;
gender issues; and,
empowering youths.
He said that the budget planned to take into account these challenges.
“We have to overcome by consensus, by agreement, by ingenuity, by willingness and by challenging the challenge itself to discover a best possible solution for the betterment of the people,” he said.

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