Senior Police officer arrested in PNG

 A SENIOR police officer at the Kundiawa Police Station was arrested for allegedly releasing a murder suspect last Sunday.
Chimbu provincial police Commander Supt Augustine Wampe confirmed the arrest of Snr Const Benjamin Simene, of Karimui, for releasing Siane LLG president Kevin Orumba Nomane, who had been remanded in custody in relation to a series of deaths.
“I questioned him and found that he is one of the corrupt policemen behind the release of hardcore prisoners from the police cell,” Wampe said.
He said the police commissioner had introduce a modernisation programme in the Police Department to make sure every little basic thing was done correctly.
“I strongly condemn the action of the policeman and have arrested and charged him, and he was allowed bail for K1,000.”
Wampe said the policeman walked into the cell and took the suspect out and was about to let him go using another person’s name.
“A casual staff at the police station tried to stop him.
“The policeman stopped and we got him arrested,” Wampe said.
He said a number of prisoners were missing from the cells and they were aided by corrupt police officers over the years.
Wampe said Semene was in the force for 36 years.
He issued a strong warning that any police officers found aiding prisoners to escape would be dealt with accordingly.
He said police officers were on oath to serve with dignity and honesty.
Last month a young police officer was arrested and charged with raping a female prisoner.
“We are now trying to eradicate corrupt police officers in Kundiawa.
“Those willing to collude with police officers to have their relatives released from the cells must stop immediately,” he warned.

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