Solomon Island Mine worker suffered chemical burns

AN employee Gold Ridge mining sustained severe burns on his body from a mixture of hot chemical solutions, and is now recovering at the Central Hospital’s surgical ward, Solomon Star reports. 

The incident occurred, Friday at the mine site, where the employee was working.

Bernaman Sinoi, a process plant operator was fastening bolt from a leaking filtering device used in gold stripping process, when suddenly the bolt’s thread loosened and the hot solution burst out onto his whole upper body.

The mixture of hot chemical solutions, which consists of caustic, cyanide and hydrochloric acid, caused severe burns and scalds to his arms, abdomen, and face and had nearly left him without his sight.

According to the patient, who is now in recovery stage, the bolt’s thread that he was fastening had worn out which prompted the incident to have occurred.

Mr Sinoi said that his safety eye protection glass and helmet fell off upon encountering the incident, and part of the harmful substance sprayed into his eyes which then immediately affected his eyes.

He was assisted by fellow workers who then took him to the company’s emergency shower lab, and to the clinic.

The nurse at the clinic treated his body and call for the company’s doctor who then arrange the patient to the Central hospital to receive proper eye treatment from specialise eye doctors.  

An eye doctor at the central hospital’s eye department treated Mr Sinoi and told him that he was fortunate that the heat from the chemical substances didn’t enter through the inner part of his eyes which enable him not to lose sight.

Meanwhile, Mr Sinoi said a similar incident occurred previously with another worker.

Solomon Star

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