Man charged with morgue corpse sex crime

A man suspected of having sexual intercourse with a girl’s corpse at the Port Moresby General Hospital is in police custody, charged with interfering with a corpse under Chapter 262 of the PNG Criminal Code.

The man is a porter employed by the hospital.

Claire Timbi , a guard employed by Black Swan Security company, is one of two guards who caught the man on October 22, between 11pm-12pm.

They became suspicious after seeing the lights going off at the morgue layout room.

They went to investigate and  found a man alone with the naked corpse. The guards saw semen on the dead person’s groin and called police.

She said the corpse was compromisingly  positioned while the suspect appeared guilty and shaken when questioned.

They told medical workers who came and took swab samples of the semen.

The corpse is that of a victim of a hit and run accident.

NCD / Central Commander Acting Assistant Commissioner Jerry Frank said the suspect could be a serial offender who had remained undetected until now.

According to information sourced from the Wikipedia,  sexual attraction to a corpse is scientifically termed as Necrophilia.

It is a desire to possess a non-resisting and non-rejecting partner, to overcome feelings of isolation or lack of self-esteem, by expressing power over a homicide victim.


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