Japan continues to help Papua New Guinea

Japan will continue its effort to provide economic cooperation to Papua New Guinea given its fast growing economy, Japan’s Ambassador to PNG Morio Matsumoto, says in his Christmas Message to PNG.

The Ambassador said that Japan would continue its effort in providing economic cooperation aimed at supporting them to establish better conditions for development.

“PNG is a very important partner for Japan in this regard because it is located at a strategically crucial area in this region and has a huge potential for further development.

“Bearing this in mind, I intend to do my best to seek appropriate approaches and channels to realise this,” he said.

“Japan’s economy is progressing drastically since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe introduced a new economic policy known as Abenomics, which consists of three arrows including bold monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy and growth strategy for private investment.”

The envoy said that positive effects of the policy had already been appearing such as increasing GDP growth rate, improving business activities of enterprises and employment rate.

He said that Japan’s economic relations, especially the import of LNG from PNG which started from May, was attracting a number of Japanese enterprises.

“Requests by Japanese companies for consultation on the related activities with me and my embassy staff are increasing too,” he said, adding that while PNG was also seen as an emerging destination for Japanese tourists.

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