Catholic Church in PNG says Death Penalty is not the solution

The Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea  says the death penalty is not the solution to bring under control law and order problems in the country.

In a press conference today, Catholic Archbishop, John Ribat said while the Catholic Church welcomed the government’s idea of increasing the penalties for murder, misuse of funds, rape etc, they did not think the death penalty will help curb crime.

Ribat said a better solution instead of the death penalty is to hand down life sentences for criminals.

“The three main reasons why we do not support the death penalty are firstly it is against the Bible and Christian principles. God is the author of life. Neither the judiciary nor the government have the power to take someone’s life.

“Secondly, the death penalty has not decreased the crime rate in countries where is it being carried out.

“Thirdly, who is going to carry out the executions of convicted criminals? If the executioners are Papua New Guineans, revenge killings will take place against the family of the executioners,” said Ribat.

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