Man shot dead in church in Papua New Guinea

A MAN was shot to death inside a church before his body was mutilated by his tribal enemies, PNg police say.
Hela provincial police commander Supt Mark Yangen said the man from Betege village in Koroba-Kopiago district, Hela, identified as Julai Wawo, 28, ran into the church thinking he would be safe  there last Saturday.
But, he said Wawo was shot and then his body chopped up inside the church at Pugwa village around 10am.
Yangen said Wawo’s relatives retaliated by destroying the suspect’s village on the same day. The villagers had fled when they arrived.
Yangen said police managed to stop   the violence but could not arrest the killer who had fled.
He said a tribal fight between two clans at Pugwa resulted in the loss of lives and damage to properties. It ended after police and MP Philip Undialu brokered a peace agreement.
He said the killing of a man in a church was outrageous as it was supposed to be a sanctuary for people in trouble who wanted safety and peace. “The Government is exhausting its resources to stop tribal fights in Hela. And when we are doing this at one end, another emerges at the other end,” he said.
“Police are doing their best to make sure those responsible are arrested and brought to justice.” The National

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