PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill backs free Papua

THE country must speak out strongly against the brutality and oppression faced by the people of West Papua, Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
He said PNG could no longer be silent on the issue.
“I think, as a country, time has come for us to speak about the oppression of our people there,” he said.

“Pictures of brutality of our people appear daily on social media, and yet, we take no notice.

“We have the moral obligation to speak for those who are not allowed to talk. We must be the eyes for those who are blindfolded.” He made the remarks at the 2015 Leaders’ Summit in Port Moresby yesterday. Groups in the country have been calling on the Government’s support in the campaign against the atrocities meted out to the people of West Papua. National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has been actively involved in the campaign.

He said PNG had become a respected regional leader but had not spoken out on the West Papua issue.

“We are in a good position to lead mature discussions on issues affecting our people in the region,” O’Neill said.

He said PNG “must take the lead in having mature discussions with our friends, and more so, in an engaging manner”.

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