PNG to implement 3 kids family per policy

A POLICY on educating families to have a maximum of  three children will be launched soon, according to National Planning Minister Charles Abel.
It will, with the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Wash) for All and Foreign aid policies, be part of the Sustainable and Responsible Development policy, he said.
Abel said the plan was to advocate for sustainable population growth.
“We need to get our population growth to three kids per woman.  But we are not forcing them,” he said.
Abel said the policy was based on awareness and making the services available at community health posts.
“The health posts will have tools for family planning supported by a strong awareness campaign,” he said.
“So no one is being forced. You are to make those choices and we know that educated people choose to have fewer children and look after their children better.”
Abel said the policy was centred on human development to bring economic development individuals and to provide the best environment for that individual.
“It talks about infant mortality, maternal mortality, getting basic services like water and power to the community,” he said.
Abel said the Wash policy was about providing water supply and electricity generated by water at the district level.

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