Tribal clash destroys homes in PNG

 PROPERTIES worth thousands of kina belonging to a local level government president from Southern Highlands have been destroyed by a neighbouring tribe over the death of two brothers in December.
Poroma LLG president Andrew Kirr said his tribe had been accused of killing two brothers, who were burnt alive.
Kirr said the blankets the two brothers had used had caught fire from a lit candle and a container of petrol kept inside the house aggravated the situation, resulting in the death of the brothers.
He said his clans, Pol-Sowel, Topen-Pore and Henja-Pore, had been chased by the Pol-Hunpi and Pol-Epe clans and they fled without retaliating.
He said their properties were all destroyed.
Kirr said they had been accused of causing the deaths but there was no evidence to support that.
He said they were  living in makeshift homes on other people’s land.
“If I had retaliated, the fight would have turned worse and it would have affected innocent travellers and trucks moving in and out of Hela. But I am an LLG president and I have respect for Southern Highlands Governor William Powi and Nipa-Kutubu MP Jeffery Komal,” Kirr said.
He claimed he was not in the village when the attack happened.
Kirr said 30 permanent and semi-permanent homes were destroyed, 50 pigs were slaughtered, some were taken away and food gardens were destroyed.
He said he had witnessed several tribal fights in the LLG and they slowed down developments and affected people’s lives.
“The fight would explode soon as my people are suffering after our homes and food gardens were destroyed. My tribesmen are tired and could cause problems anytime and a peace agreement is needed immediately to settle the dispute,” Kirr said.
He urged Powi and Komal to  help bring the warring together so a peace deal could be signed. The National

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