PNG's Publuic Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin attacked

Papua New Guinea's Public Prosecutor Pondros Kaluwin is recovering from injuries he suffered when he was attacked by five armed men outside his home in Port Moresby on Sunday evening, the National reports. 
Kaluwin was yesterday nursing injuries to his head, right cheek and both arms, which were heavily bandaged. 
But he ruled out the possibility that the attack was related to the position he holds. 
He told The National at his home that it was more of an “opportunist crime” – someone who was just trying to steal his vehicle.
He has been in the limelight recently having handled several leadership referrals, including that of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“I cannot link it to the referrals that we made. I would rather link it to persons who were after vehicles,” he said. 
“They robbed somebody at Boroko. The next one was us. Then they got another 
“After trying to hold me up, they did not get my car. So they went to the next street and held up an NCDC vehicle. That’s the information we got while waiting at Paradise Hospital. 
“I cannot say that it was duty-related. It was more people trying to steal vehicles. 
“When they came, they did not say anything that would make a hint on anybody (behind the attack).”
The five armed men attacked him just before 8pm at the gate to his home in front of his son and uncle. He was returning from his office in Waigani when he noticed a white bus following him.
“My uncle opened the gate and I drove in and parked the vehicle,” he said.
“There was this white bus that came and stopped at the gate. Five youths jumped out, all armed - four with guns and one with a bush knife. They told me to get out of the car at gunpoint. I did not come out. 
“The engine was still running. They tried to open the door but I locked it from the inside. 
“They were shouting to me to get out, wanting to get the car key but I remained. 
“They got a stone and shattered the glass. That’s when I stopped the engine. They then got a metal and hit me on the head.
“They then took off. As soon as they left us, I called the police who came.”
Acting Metropolitan Superintendent Silas Wayagure has urged the public to help police in their investigation with any information they may have on the five armed men. The National

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