Sea travelers in Solomon Islands warned

FREQUENT sea travelers between Central Islands province and Honiara are being cautioned to refrain from travelling end to end as the bad weather continues at the current.

Police in the Central Islands provincial capital Tulagi have issued a stern warning to the sea travelers on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Solomon Star from Tulagi, a police inspector said that it is very dangerous to travel between the islands as the weather is not that friendly.

“I generally call on all sea travelers to discourage traveling from Honiara to Central or vice versa.

“It is a must that sea goers be mindful and take precautionary measures should they wish to travel by out board motors (OBM),” the officer said.

She also confirmed that, police will continue to monitor sea travelling by members of the public and will check on the nearby villages to inform people of the dangers at sea during the bad weather.

As the bad weather persists, the officer also called on people of Central Islands province to take all measures possible to be cautious during the course of the occurrence.

Meanwhile, Solomon Star was also informed that search is still on for three people that went missing in a boat outside the Honiara waters following the bad weather on Monday.  Solomon Star

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