Infant dies of sexual molestation in Papua New Guinea

As horrific and tragic as this may sound, a seventeen month old baby girl died moments ago after being molested by an adult male relative in Papua New Guinea, the Post Courier reports.

Lae Metropolitan Commander Anthony Wagambie Jr described the crime as a senseless act that could only have been committed by a sick minded animal.

“Even animals have more sense than the person who committed this horrific act, may God have mercy on his soul because we shall not,” said the Chief Superintendent.

He also said the suspected male relative is on the run and police are now hot on his trail. The constabulary has also asked the relatives of the deceased infant to assist them locate the suspected murderer.

Mr Wagambie said the mother brought her child to Angau Hospital and it was found therin that the baby suffered frombruising on her genitals suspected to have been caused by molestation.

Mr Wagambie said it is unbelievable that such an act could have been carried out on one so small and so innocent. He has instructed his investigators and willing relatives to locate the perpetrator so that he can face the full brunt force of the law.

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