Rapists get 130 years in PNG

SIX men who raped an American biologist on Karkar Island , Papua New Guinea in 2012 have been jailed for more than 130 years in total.
Judge David Cannings sentenced the six in the presence of only one of them since five escaped during two different court sessions.
The escape incidences were also taken into account to determine the number of years each would serve in Beon prison.
Cannings said those who escaped before his decision was made were Timothy Damasuk, Kadaman Nanui, Muluk Panaluan and Luwi Siam.
Kulem Kisou and Kabian Lod had attended all their court sessions but Kisou escaped during the course of the sentence hearing a day before the actual sentencing.
Cannings said the four who had escaped earlier were subsequently convicted in their absence and they had given up their rights to make statements in allocutus.
He said he made an adjustment to Kisou’s sentencing to take into account his recent escape.
Cannings sentenced Damasuk, Panaluan, Siam and Nanui to serve 24 years each at Beon jail and Kisou 23 years and Lod to serve 11 years, nine and a half months.
The six were found guilty in the national court on one count of rape each, one count each on unlawful deprivation of liberty and three counts each of armed robbery when they raped an American female biologist and attacked and robbed her fiancée and a tour guide in their company.
The incident occurred on April 19, 2012, near Kevasop village on Karkar Island in Madang at around 7.30am.
The violent actions of the convicted six had traumatised the three victims and become a national issue at the time.
Cannings said warrants were issued for the arrest of the five on the run. The National


  1. Thats very nice to sentence them like that. They don't deserve to live amongst the good community.

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